"Book of Shame is a mysterious group that channels the enigmatic and artistic natures of musicians like David Bowie and Talking Heads, and mixes it with an unapologetic fringe-punk sound reminiscent of The Velvet Underground. Their most recent release, Compatibility, is like an unforgettable LSD trip through time and space, that’s as lucid as it is alluringly ambiguous" - Stereo Stickman


So we managed to pull off our first gig whch semed to go well. We had a great jam to 'Compatability' with some bangin brass from Kev and Ollie and a gripping guitar solo from Gary. Not to mention the sexy soothing backing vocals from Jo and Lizzie who also got busy on the bass. Ferg triumphed delightfully on drums and Pete improvised the vocals when he got lost in the song. Great night had by all. Check it out on the press page and give us some feedback

On the mic

Got an album review in R&R Magazine which described the album quite correctly, in my humble opinion, as a 'Rake's Progress'. It's a journey to hell but fun gettin there, so much so that I have recorded the review and put some sound on it.



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