Heaven and Hell with Filippos Tsitsopoulos

Heaven and Hell is a performative journey through music and lyrics at the iconic Flashback London Records in Shoreditch, London, related to these two opposites. The artist uses song lyrics mixed with Rimbaud's Season in Hell, creating songs in situ. An allegory about life, death, and love. He takes these aspects of the lyrics, juxtaposing his real self with another performative one by the use of balloons tided at his hand. The cliche of Hell, presented in a sarcastic and ironic way, appears when the protagonist performer takes the audience down to the basement of the store where the Band is playing and interacting with the artist creating a wall of sound and emotions. 

To be trapped in a record store and finding a way out from your own self to find your heaven through music is redemption and forgiveness equal to a prayer in a Cathedral. Flashback Records is and will be the most emotive Cathedral of our feelings. 
Diablo Inferno is a mysterious band. More info may come to light. They've never performed before and may never perform again. 

The unique setting of Flashback Records, Shoreditch (131 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DG) will allow the performance to take place over two floors, symbolically representing the themes of the artist's principal subject and title of this one of a kind performance: Heaven & Hell. 
Diablo Inferno is: 
Magnus Alanko, Gary Bridgewood, and Mark Burgess. 
Magnus drums and has drummed and done other stuff with loads of projects including The Inconsolable and Those Unfortunates. 
Gary plays soaring violin and many other instruments for various artists including the Book of Shame, Verklempt Family, Umbrellabirds, and Lizzy O'Connor 
Mark plays bass, guitar and other things in Bands including Red Horses of the Snow and Dinted.

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