Brought together and inspired by a love of Captain Beefheart, Talking Heads, Bowie and Velvet Underground, BOOK OF SHAME is a new sound machine fronted by Peter Boyd-Maclean and Gary Bridgewood –  music pioneers and musical renegades. 

The duo’s debut single ‘Compatibility’ released  30th November, is loaded with slicing mando, greasy bass, smashed live drums, jagged guitar solos and Pete’s urgent, catchy vocals. Written, performed and produced by Gary and Pete, the track expresses emotions which are very much a reflection of our times, with a nod in the direction of the alt rock moments of Talking Heads. The track is underpinned by a phsycho-mesmerising animated video, produced and directed by our own Mr Maclean (New Order’s Blue Monday). 

“Compatibility’ was stimulated by our love of late 80’s ambient, disco and funk, combined with a gung-ho approach of some new wave bands like Echo and the bunneymen, Joy Division etc,” says Pete, “when the sun shines through you, I see through you, you see through me, can you see through me? We are all about compatibility.  Gary, “We enjoy the clash of ideas; old sounds forced against new; acoustic-electronic-ambient-rock.” 

Gary and Pete started BOOK OF SHAME by accident, sharing a deep musical heritage and bond led to a meeting in a rehearsal studio, secret recordings, hours of editing and stitching melodic lines and rhythms led to the path of rediscovery, something of what they grew up with; reel to reel tape loops running across Gary’s bedroom, dirty disco bass, noisy lo-fi drum machines, in your face live rock drums, jagged guitar melodies and elevating, inspired soulful songs of the 80’s, with the help of vocalists Jo Foster (Anima, Coronation Street), and Fergus Gerrand (Sting, Spice Girls), produced by Rico Conning (The Lines, Wire, Depeche Mode, William Orbit) the duo bring into existence a compelling collision of sonic textures channeling their enigmatic and artistic natures; a mysterious quality. 

The duo’s persistence is a testament to their abilities and desire to constantly question and re-define their musical sensibilities. 

In addition to BOOK OF SHAME, Gary and Pete have also been involved in numerous other projects. Gary worked with Troubadour Rose (Paul Weller backed), co-writing soundtrack for ‘Strawberry Fields’, performs and writes with Balkan and Klezmer band Beskydy, Lizzy O’Connor band, toured with The Real Tuesday Weld, Michelle Stodart (The Magic Numbers). Pete was a founding member of the acclaimed Duvet Brothers who were responsible for scratch video with Rik Lander. 

BOOK OF SHAME are Peter Boyd-Maclean (electric guitar, voice), Gary Bridgewood (guitars, basses, synths, mandolin, violin, strings, voice), Jo Foster (vocals), Claire Nicholson (vocals), Fergus Gerrand (drums, percussion),

Book of Shame